“Problems solved. Our way.”

  • Our resources are based in Thailand.Our team can mobilize faster 
  • Robust experience in oil and gas sectors. Our team has the competency to Communicate effectively 
  • Our output delivery seamlessly match the data we provide
  • We have perfected the formula for the machine-learning solution: Predict. Prevent. Save.

Local expertise

Home field advantage

With the entire resources, human, data acquisition assets and output-generating software, being based in Thailand, our teams at The Soothsayer have the advantage to mobilize faster than experts in the similar field.

We understand the adage ‘time means money’ and with our strong work ethics and cutting-edge technology, we hope see to it that our solution-oriented services can secure every resourceful second for you to predict potential risks and avoid unplanned failures.

Familiarity in oil-energy sector

Knowing our strength

It is no secret that our team members collectively have had robust experience working in the oil and energy sectors — and fortunately, this plays into our hands. 

Like hardened steels forged in fire, testing times and years of experience have led us to comprehend the inner workings of how mechanical components and systems operate, and the challenges which consistently surface in the industry. 

Our insight and research have led us to understand the demands for field experts and specialists who have the competency to communicate on the same level as experienced engineers in the oil and energy industry. In addition, the niche field of data science and algorithms requires delicate knowledge to command the complex nature of predictive maintenance software where the safety of multi-million dollar equipment relies on.

UI/UX design

No compromise

We believe that output delivery has to seamlessly match the complex nature of information we provide. Why compromise when we can provide both. Thus, by design we have curated an intuitive data platform ready to showcase the findings derived from hours of computational process implemented by our signature artificial intelligence software to predict potential failures.

Smartness level

Top of the class

With years in the making, and how our team of engineers, software experts, business development amassed their knowledge bank, we have refined the formula for the machine-learning solution.

Growth is inevitable. The fact is, mechanical maintenance and all of its entailing techniques are constantly evolving — which is why it’s crucial for you to stay up to speed.

From corrective and reactive approach to mechanical maintenance to a time-based system, and now, with the emergence of analytics-based maintenance which currently sits at the top of the maintenance hierarchy, pinpointing mechanical errors and understanding the failures to overcome complex issues could be achieved more effectively and efficiently.

The integration of our data use and advanced predictive maintenance algorithm allow:

  • Our clientele of engineers to forecast possible failures with reliable accuracy
  • On ground engineers to avoid exposure to potential hazardous risks upon system assessment 
  • Our clients to potentially streamline maintenance expenses and shutdown time by predicting the failures of prioritized components

“Since 2014, The Soothsayer has effectively saved clients
THB 4,000 Million
and prevented weeks of unplanned shutdown.”