Case #2

Challenge :

Maximize the use of data to mitigate a potential motor failure.

In 2018, fortunately, unlike the circumstances in the  previous incident, The Soothsayer’s team members managed to utilize information from the algorithm to detect an early warning in the declining health score of the operating motor at an ethane separation plant.

The data, obtained from sensors planted in the motor, managed to predict anomalies in the vibration of the motor.  

Based on the investigation, it was projected that the health score of the motor was going to plummet from 100% to 1% in the span of 3 months. The effect would have resulted in a critical damage to the mechanical elements of the motor. Fortunately, the algorithm intervened in this potential error.

Our algorithm projected the motor health score was going from 100% to 1% in span of 3 months — saving client 10 days worth of shutdown

Solution :

The Soothsayer’s experts advised the operation unit of the plant to closely monitor the working condition of the motor — based on the predictive calculation the software indicated. In addition, this detection had estimated to save the client almost 10 days worth of potential unplanned shutdown.

The Soothsayer’s team also managed to advise the client to prepare spare parts of the motor — in case the deterioration continues. Up to this day, the motor still functions and spare parts have not been utilised in the maintenance process but more importantly, a potentially costly risk has been avoided.

“Since 2014, The Soothsayer has effectively saved clients
THB 4,000 Million
and prevented weeks of unplanned shutdown.”