As part of the innovative strategic direction, initiated by PTT Public Company Limited, to pioneer new business models which combine the best of existing and award-winning commercial enterprises and promising prototypes, Alpha Com Company Limited was proudly established.

Fueled by THB 200,000,000 capital investment, Alpha Com was officially registered as a full business organization, and immediately became the business vehicle to drive fresh and groundbreaking business units in order to elevate the entire portfolio of the corporation and the industry. 

What was initially created as a unit designed to stay ahead of issues that were commonly found in mechanical components in the oil industry quickly transcended into a full-fledged pilot project which consequently saved astronomical amounts of money and time.

In 2019, The Soothsayer was officially formed, under Alpha Com Company Limited, as the quintessential artificial intelligence-driven business unit, envisioned to maximize business output by minimizing risk factors using an electric blend of predictive machine learning, complex sets of algorithms, and advanced data acquisition.

This team of experts, equipped with engineering background and software knowledge, were granted the authorization to explore solutions by using data to precisely calculate when failures are bound to happen as means of mechanical maintenance. This team was eventually established as an independent unit, specifically aimed to focus on machine-based predictive learning and risk management — as The Soothsayer.

Business Philosophy


At The Soothsayer, we strive to push all boundaries to be Thailand and world’s leading data-driven, machine-learning solutions provider.

Mission Statement

“Creating a constantly evolving business platform to deliver cutting-edge machine-learning solutions for our partners’ business sustainability, supported by pillars of our firm engineering and data science foundation.”

Core Values
  • Adaptability
  • Unity
  • Human power

“We challenge ourselves to command as many as
90 AI-driven software engines by 2023”