PTT’s reach into the world of predictive machine learning

One of Thailand’s biggest conglomerates in the oil and gas industry and now branching into wider energy fields, PTT has been a staple name associated with reliable fuel and gas stations by the general public.Fast forward 43 years since its days of Petroleum Authority of Thailand, formerly known, to today’s PTT Co.,Ltd., it is more focused on paving the way for sustainability due to Thailand’s ever-growing demand for energy and the need to align with how the world is adapting to alternative sources of renewable energy.

As concrete proof of this effort to embolden the new-look direction of sustainability, PTT has taken a new approach — a strategic one, which aims at establishing new business models fusing the concept of a classic commercial enterprise with a startup-like prototype. 

With this, Alpha Com is a recent byproduct of this initiative. With a considerable amount of capital investment of THB 200 million to support upcoming projects and smaller business units in the pipeline, Alpha Com’s role moving forward is acting as a driver of the business vehicle to align with PTT’s sustainability-focused direction. 

One of the multiple units born from Alpha Com’s pursuit to fulfill the commitment to sustainability is The Soothsayer, a special unit which happens to specialize in predictive machine maintenance — or more specifically, statistics analytics maintenance.

Its capacity and ability to predict when machine failure might occur proves to have been great success [hyperlink to case studies page]. Using artificial intelligence, a key attribute which separates itself from many other service providers, The Soothsayer is competent in converting raw data into information of numerical readings where any slight deviation can be identified for further assessment whether the anomaly is a sign of a potential malfunction.

This shift towards fostering the use of artificial intelligence to enhance work tools is certainly not PTT’s one-off attempt as they have a strategic roadmap to achieve sustainability [hyperlink to PTT’s history page] — and Alpha Com as well as The Soothsayer are the obvious solutions for this transformation.